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MS Drum Tandoor Top Cemented
SS Mobile Drum Tandoor
MS Body Tandoor
MS Body Tandoor With Top SS
SS Double Body Tandoor
Two In One Gas & Coal Tandoor
Copper Body Tandoor
Brass Body Tandoor
Tandoors Accessories

PARSHADI LAL & SONS PVT. LTD. is an Indian based company engaged in manufacturing, marketing and exporting of Eco-friendly cooking system/clay oven called CLAY TANDOOR. Ever since its inception company has exported its products to various countries across the globe and installed them locally in star hotels, restaurants, canteens, clubs, hospitals, catering units, defense kitchens ,farm houses & Dhabas.

In manufacturing these tandoors we have made our best efforts to improve the quality of stuff required and the shape of tandoors to suit modernized kitchens of hotels, motels and restaurants of today.

All our products are aesthetic blend of traditional art with modern techniques. We have progressed in our mission because of quest of excellence, sincerity expertise in the shape, quality & finish of clay tandoors.

Moreover, we have made our best efforts to reduce the worries of the tandoor users because of pre-heating & constant heating pressure. We have developed new techniques which a user can heat our tandoor by coal as well as by gas. The stuff used in these tandoors is hygienic and dust free and does not changes the taste and quality of the chapatis, naan, prantha, chicken, fish and tikka baked in the tandoors. They are well cooked from all sides and do not effect the originality of the stuff put in. Every effort has been made to make them pollution free. Our products do not require heating as compared to others as they have been subjected to long pre-heating and constant heating pressure. We have our own workshop and highly motivated, spirited and skilled staff for manufacturing & marketing a vast variety of all-fittings and shape.


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